[QB-Core] How to spawn at airport on first spawn instead of choosing apartment?

I am trying to set up my server (Qb-Core) to pass my players over to a airport spawn, once they create their character name/DoB in the multichar screen, but only for the very first time/spawn.

I am using bb-multichar and fivem-appearance along with fs-spawnselector, qb-spawn and qb-apartments.
I first have chosen to set
Apartments.Starting = false
in qb-apartments config in order to skip allowing players to start by choosing an apartment.

Next I am having trouble figuring out how to pass a newly “CREATED” character in bb-multichar over to a airport spawn location in order to let them then create their characters appearance and go from there.

Its a simple flow of:
Is character new? Yes?
Then send them directly to an airport spawn location and let them create their ped in Fivem-appearance.

Is the character new? No.
Then send them to fs-spawnselector so they can choose a spawn location (Last Location, or other listed possible locations.)
^This part I know already works how I want

If anyone is willing to help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated.
I know a lot of servers have this flow for the first time spawn, I just want to get it working for my server once and for all.

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BINGO…I also wanted to spawn at the airport. Hopefully someone provides an answer for this

This could work below -