[QB-Core, ESX,Custom] Ambulance Job Overhaul: Assets, Deathscreen, Body Damage & More

Asset that will provide your Roleplay uniqueness and script-specific QUALITY OF LIFE elements



An efficient, simple-to-install solution that uses Ox-lib for greater Lua performance, allowing seamless client/server updates, plug-and-play for refine-laststand scripts, smooth animations, zero idle time with 10+ assets, a user-friendly settings, and a full logging queue.



  • Easy to Install
  • Utilize Ox-lib for Lua Runtime Performance
  • Main Function can be easy modify on both the Client and Server sides.
  • Plug & Play for refine-laststand script
  • No Repetitive Action & Smooth Animation
  • Immersive Animation & Interaction
  • 0.0ms of idle time (yes, even with more than 10 assets)
  • Easy & Detailed Configuration System
  • Logs Queue System


  • Job system
  • Multiple Department
  • Jail Hospital
  • Garage System (Grade System)
  • Sync body damage
  • Sync hit body injury effect
  • Headshot & laststand death animation
  • 8 Different Animation when Die (No more repeated positions while dying.)
  • 4 Different Animation when Going Laststand
  • 2 Revive Animation that you can choose
  • Bed System
  • Kill Cam
  • Deathscreen UI
  • On/Off Duty Interaction
  • Log System (Body Part Hit/Damage, Die, Laststand, Hack)
  • Body Bag
  • Custom Items



[PAID][STANDALONE] Vehicle Asset

Code is accessible Core Main function, Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 900+
Requirements PolyZone, ox-lib, interaction
Support Yes
  • update Video link for full showcase
  • added link for Tebex

Added Support Link <3

Love this unique and Immersive asset :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hotfix Version 1.05 Update

  • Fix the nil value for job
  • Fix ESX remove money
  • Optimize and Clean Player Check for ESX
  • Fix Last-stand Check in
  • Fix Server Side error (esx)
  • Fix Client Side error (esx,qb)
  • Clean Reset Hunger, Thirst for ESX
  • Fix Support Forum Link, Thanks for the Report and Inconvenience :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hotfix Version 1.075 Update

  • fix repetitive code for Morphine
  • fix painkillers to painkiller Item
  • fix painkiller & Morphine Removal
  • fix RemoveMoney to removeMoney for ESX
  • ox-inventory Item Check Fix
    Thank you to everyone who supported and reported to make this script excellent. <3

Hotfix Version 1.09 Update

  • Fix heal command to reset all
  • Fix Check In to reset all damage
  • Remove Money Correction for ESX
  • Added tutorial for ox_inventory Users
  • Code Clean up for open files <3

Hotfix Version 1.125 Update

  • Fix the 5 Second Hold Revive
  • Added Reset Clipset for Heal Command
  • Code Separation for esx and qb
  • Remove unnecessary for esx

Hotfix Version 1.130 Update

  • Added Function for Custom Dispatch
  • fix random Dead Animation
  • Respawn Fix
  • Adjust Body Check after log-in :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hotfix Version 1.15 Update

  • Adjust Progress time for Painkiller
  • Adjust Progress time for Morphine
  • Move Webhook to Upper Config
  • Fix if Spawn is Clear
  • Added new Event Trigger for Gunshot
  • Adjust Damage Checker Event <3 :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Latest Patch #1 Version 1.175 Update

  • Added Supported to New QBCore Inventory “Config Settings”
  • You can know Add function after Revive in Check in (ex: Crutch, etc)
  • Added New Mode for Debug Mode “bedcoords Command”
    • T Pose (For Ped Location)
    • Pass out Pose (For Bed Location)
    • Sphere Draw Text (For Interaction Location)
  • Fix Copy Coord (Now you just paste it)
  • Optimize Index Nui (Low Memory Usage)
  • Utilize Ox_lib to Increase more Performance
  • Damage Check has Been Optimize for Larger Server :slight_smile:

Additional Update

  • Added Fall Animation can be Disable
  • Added Limping Can be Disable
  • Added After Check in Additional Function
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Minor Hotfix

  • added dead check on ESX
  • Added Wounding Can be disable
    • disable bleeding
    • disable leg damage
    • disable walk animation

Minor Hotfix After next Patch

  • fix death screen Languange
    • Title can be change
    • Description Can be change now
  • Optimize Timing for Deathscreen UI