[QB] Animal Control

Introducing the Animal Control Script for QB-Framework, now available in version 1.0 and continuously evolving! This side job for role-play servers enhances player interaction with stray cats and allows for dog setups too.

Upon capturing an animal, players must hand it over to a shelter, earning rewards based on the rarity of the animal captured, ranging from common to rarest.

New Update
Configure daily task and reward your player

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NEED!!! i wish to make a animal control job via esx please make a esx version
vapid-kennel-animal-control-truck-sp_1697725274_695776.rar (5.4 MB)
heres a truck for the script

This will be my next plan after complete the script… soon there will be

  • lost and found cat
  • daily goals
  • better ui interface
  • animal control job
  • better animation
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Is this compatible with ox_target? :smiley:

You surely keeping the tebex a bog mystery :muscle:t3:

haha just updated

this is so cool lol

Very cool concept for sure. Perhaps instead of tracking, a phone call with coords, or text from random npcs. Either way its a neat job script. Nice job.

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