[Q] What version of GTA Online does Five Reborn run on?

I’m just asking this question so i can use compatible mods with Five reborn. i’ve seen people use amazing mods which cant happen with Enhanced reborn mod. clearly those “l33t” guys have figured this out by themselves but i cant… hoping for a community member or a developer to respond. thanks!

All versions. Up to cunning stunts DLCs are added, and you can play FiveReborn with any version of GTA V. We do not support piracy though…

1.30, but they’ve added the cars and some other content from all DLC’s onwards up until Cunning Stunts

@Boss not a pirate, i own the game on steam :3 http://steamcommunity.com/id/technomaniac98/ i was just asking for the GTA Online version this mod uses so i can use compatible GTA:O Mod menus. a dude bellow above 1.30, is that correct?

Wasn’t saying you were a pirate, just saying we do not condone it. All versions, but some Natives aren’t implemented (yet).