Push to talk key doesn't work properly

GTA V version? Most recent
Up to date? Yes
Legit or Pirate copy? Legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? JWryte
Windows version? Win10

Whenever I wish to talk with someone in-game, I have to literally smash the key, ‘N’ by default, in order for the “Currently talking - JWryte” notification to pop up. I’ve tried remapping the push to talk key even to one of the buttons on my mouse but the result remains the same - I can’t just simply press the key but instead It needs to be pressed incredibly hard in order for it to even register me talking. Any help is much appreciated.

Which script are you using for “Currently Talking - NAME”?

Sorry, that was just an example. All servers show some kind of different notification when a player is talking.

Not mine :stuck_out_tongue: don’t know which addon it is, but my voice system works fine.

Never mind, just me being silly. The key does work but the notification only appears when sound is coming through the mic. When i smashed the key, that noise of me hitting the keyboard went through the mic displaying the notification. Now I feel like an idiot, oh well. XD

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