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Pulse District :zap:

Welcome to Pulse District a futuristic Cyberpunk Server Dedicated to provide a realistic futuristic environment from Cybernetics to Flying Vehicles, Android heists and more!

:receipt: About us

Pulse District has been in development for a long time with custom scripts and a highly knowledgeable and dedicated development team, throughout the past few months we’ve released our server closed with some testing for our core community averaging a player base of 80+ players on launch of our beta, We pride ourselves on our creative custom unique ideas and activities. Our community allows for a open forums to post your feedback on the server to allow development management and the staff team to better understand the communities wants and needs. This unique concept and creative idea has been in the works for awhile and we want to extend a invitation to everyone to apply on our server to better enjoy night city.

:open_book: City Lore

In the year 2077, the city of Los Santos had been transformed into a technological wonderland. Self-driving cars glided through the streets, drones and flying cars hovered above, and holographic advertisements filled the air. However, the city’s residents were aware of an impending apocalypse that was set to devastate the Earth in a matter of months. So, in hopes to protect their beloved metropolis, they build a protective wall around the city.

Despite their advanced technology, the people of Los Santos could not escape the hardships that came with the looming disaster. Panic buying had led to shortages of food and medical supplies, and the city’s infrastructure was struggling to cope with the influx of people seeking refuge.

In an effort to prepare for the worst, the city’s leaders had implemented strict rationing measures and had begun constructing underground shelters. However, not everyone could be accommodated, and tensions were rising between those with access to the shelters and those left to fend for themselves.

During the day the city’s once-bustling streets were now eerily quiet, and the only sound that could be heard was the distant rumble of gunshots and explosives out in the desolate wilderness know as No man’s land. Despite the hardships they faced, the people of Los Santos remained determined to survive and rebuild in the aftermath of the disaster… Hence how Night city was born.

As the sun sets on the horizon, the city streets come alive with a vibrant glow. Neon lights illuminate the dark alleys and colorful signs beckon passersby to come closer. The bright hues of pink, blue, green, and orange reflect off the wet pavement, casting a surreal ambiance throughout the city.

The flickering of the lights and the hum of the electricity create a buzzing energy that permeates the atmosphere. The skyscrapers tower above, their facades adorned with glowing patterns and flashing lights that dance in the night sky. The neon signs of restaurants, bars, and shops illuminate the sidewalks and draw in crowds of people looking for entertainment and excitement.

The city feels alive, pulsating with energy and movement. The neon lights create a sense of magic and wonder, casting a spell on all those who walk beneath them. It’s a city full of possibilities, where anything can happen, and the neon lights light the way to adventure.``

Why Pulse District❔

Pulse District has devoted dedicated staff team who are highly qualified with past experience of being administrators on Nopixel as well as highly populated servers, everyone has devoted their passion and love for this unique creative idea with their main focus to provide a fun safe enjoyable environment for the community our custom unique scripts activities and heists bring a refreshing light and unique vibe to the server and night city.

:film_projector::camera: SOME SMALL PREVIEWS:

Custom Cybernetic System (50+)


NCPD & Trauma Team MDT

Custom Asteroid Mining & Event

Video Link: Pulse District NCPD Bot Preview

Video Link: Pulse District Android Heist

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:smirk: Wow This looks pog!

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Lit sever

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Super hyped for 2.0!


This server is honestly SO much fun to play on even during just the Alpha and Beta 1.0 :smile:

Developers are brilliant wizards and I can’t wait to see what else is coming!!! :heart:


This city and community are an amazing choice for GTA 5 FiveM enthusiasts looking for a cyberpunk roleplaying experience. Its immersive world, engaging roleplay opportunities, and extensive customization options make it a great choice for those who want to escape into a futuristic, dystopian realm. Absolutely love this project and the community behind it.


We’re about to release Beta 2.0 :smiley:

Beta 2.0 Set to release Monday!
Join the discord and play today!

We’ve released & gaining members quickly. Hop in to experience intergalactic space travel with Omega Corporation today!

Updates are going well - we don’t have an official release date yet but beta is still active!