Pulling more resources from server

How do I force my server to use more if it’s hardware capabilities. My goal is to be able to have users logged into my server and running even if they are on low hardware (ie thin client)
The server is a Dell power edge T710. It has two six core processors,3gb rx460,96GB of ecc ram (16x6). Currently on Windows with a linux partition. Going to move the server files over to the linux part if this is possible to achieve.

I’m not certain you understand how servers work…

A servers performance has literally nothing to do with, nor does it impact, the performance of someone’s client.

we use host desktops here at work the client logs into the hosted desktop using citrix. so, yes i am aware of how servers work. my goal is to get one to work sorta like a hosted desktop or hosted gaming servers.

Well first, you didn’t mention what you were trying to do very clearly.
And second, if you want multiple people to connect at the same time in this way, you’ll need a dedicated GPU for each client, set them up in a virtual machine with PCIe passthrough, and third, an rx 460 isn’t going to really get that great of performance on gta5 anyways, so any issues with game performance are very very likely bottlenecked by your GPU on the server.

Anyway to get rage to load on the server vs client side. Our textures have been loading quite slow lately. Still figuring how to use more of the server resources