Public hanging


  • vorp_core
  • Compatible with any framework by modifying the open source file


With this script players will be able to do public hangings with players and npc.

When a player uses the lever the trap door opens and for a few seconds the hanged person will fall and it will take a few seconds for him to die. When the lever is used again the hanging player/npc will fall to the ground and the lever and trapdoor will return to the initial state.

If you create the public gallows with the lever and the door on the floor, it will be possible to create more locations than what the RDR2 map offers.

Synchronized script with all players.

You can choose the jobs that will have access to each location.

You can configure:

  • Key to initiate public hanging
  • The language
  • Locations (Name, objects of the lever and the floor door, coordinates and jobs)


Code is accessible No, only access to files to adapt the jobs to any framework
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements vorp_core
Support Yes