[Props] Modular Structures

These are some props for modular structure building. They started as shipping containers with holes in them and ended up as prototype structures. They are viewable from very far and have optimized LODs.

Mainly used by fire departments and military organizations for training exercises


  • 4 Levels Of Detail (LODs)
  • 25 unique props, ~60 if using all textures.
  • 3 textures included for different environments

Built Structure Examples

Desert Tan

OD Green


Prop Screenshots

4 Bases & 2 Exterior Stairs

10 Endcaps & 3 Mids

3 Covers & Light

2 Door/Window Shutters

*Stair endcap and wood shutter also included, not shown.

Full list

All included props

  • mout_base
  • mout_base_02
  • mout_base_03
  • mout_base_large
  • mout_base_large_02
  • mout_base_raised
  • mout_base_raised_02
  • mout_base_raised_tall
  • mout_base_raised_tall_02
  • mout_shutter_wood
  • mout_shutter_metal
  • mout_int_light_01
  • mout_ext_stair
  • mout_ext_steps
  • mout_ext_cover_01
  • mout_ext_cover_02
  • mout_ext_cover_03
  • mout_ext_cover_04
  • mout_ext_cover_05
  • mout_ext_cover_06
  • mout_cap_wall
  • mout_cap_wall_02
  • mout_cap_wall_03
  • mout_cap_stair
  • mout_cap_stair_02
  • mout_cap_stair_03
  • mout_cap_door_01
  • mout_cap_door_02
  • mout_cap_door_03
  • mout_cap_door_04
  • mout_cap_door_05
  • mout_cap_door_06
  • mout_cap_door_07
  • mout_cap_window_01
  • mout_cap_window_02
  • mout_cap_window_03
  • mout_cap_window_04
  • mout_cap_window_05
  • mout_cap_garage_01
  • mout_cap_garage_02
  • mout_cap_garage_03
  • mout_cap_garage_04
  • mout_cap_garage_05
  • mout_cap_garage_06
  • mout_mid_wall
  • mout_mid_wall_02
  • mout_mid_door
  • mout_mid_door_02
  • mout_mid_window
  • mout_mid_window_02
References & Training Examples


MOUT.zip (5.5 MB)
Place the uncompressed folder in your server resources and add: start MOUT to your server.cfg

Known Issues

  • Black shadow bug on stairs and support beams

Note: Currently no ymaps are included, so you must use something like Map Editor to use/build them.

Feel free to share any screenshots of things you build with these, would love to see them.


Thanks for sharing! These props look great! Good work


Wow, this is creative! Great job.

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Love these models, been messing around with building and so far I’m enjoying it a lot!
One thing that me and several other people have been wanting is a ramp, now it’s probably possible to tilt a floor piece to match, but an actual ramp piece would’ve also been amazing!

And for a screenshot, here’s a bunch of random people messing around with a build tool I whipped up:

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Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!
And nice tool too, looks very useful.

Will definitely update to include a ramp, tunnel, and hopefully fix the shadow bug on the stairs.

do these stay in the server once it restarts?

They will if you turn it into a ymap, which is very simple to do.
Or you could use a script like Object Loader, but I believe ymap is the better option.

You can place the props using Map Editor which will create an .xml file, then convert to ymap.


amazing, i have done this alot for maps i have made inside gta v, thank you for the response dude

Would you share said build tool?

I uploaded the build tool to github, be aware it’s pretty basic.
Every player can see the props placed by any player, and they can’t be removed.

You are the man. btw, I added ace perms to it so not everyone in their mother can open the menu.

i know this is old. but i have made a zombie server and this would be epic. is there away a admin could remove them

also the menu gets stuck when opened. i am using esx frame work as well

and is there a way to have them stay on a server restart

thank you for you time

i do plan to have this open to my players so i was thinking of a database table where if someone places a item i need to remove but i am not that good at this as you are. i am self taught

can i use this with codewalker

You can, but you have to create a DLC for them via OpenIV so CodeWalker can load them. That being said, I just spent a couple hours building a Burn Training building for our FD with them in CodeWalker and when I went to go through the building in game to do a showcase video, all the MOUT props used pop in and out of view as I walk through which makes them completely useless at the moment. I gotta sort out what is causing them to do that before I can use the building

Hey Cosmo, I am having a problem building a MOUT Structure. I have it built but in game whenever I enter the building the props start disappearing. Any solution?

im not able to download, would it be possible to upload the file somewhere else? I start the download and it cancels right away :frowning:

the textures are bug

This is great, but I have a question, how could I do it so that a job only does the construction?