Proposed workflow for testing scripts / fast reconnect?

Hey there again,

is there a way to reconnect as a client, without completely reloading the whole map (takes ages for me :/).

The goal is to be able to test smaller changes quicker, letting the server update scripts and then forcing the client to either reconnect or force unloading/reloading a certain script (nui-page).

If this has been answered already, please just ignore this. I lack of sleep so it could very well be i missed the answer.

I think you talking about load and unload scripts… so get this rcon client
then you need to put the ■■■■■■■ into the ressource folder and load it like any other script. Now connect via rcon to your server and use this command:

Usage: map [mapname]
Description: to change map of the server

Usage: gametypes [resourcename]
Description: to change gametypes of the server

Usage: start [resourcename]
Description: starts the specified resource
Usage: restart [resourcename]
Description: restarts the specified resource
Usage: stop [resourcename]
Description: stops the specified resource
Usage: refresh
Description: refresh ressources

Thanks, i thought i read that this method does not refresh scripts for clients though. Will try it!

How do i rcon to the server? Via putty, what port etc ?:blush:

Try refresh for refreshing the ressources but I don’t know if it works. I don’t have any problems while editing and reloading the scripts via start and stop.

Download this■■■■■■■.rar

Put the ■■■■■■■ folder in server/ressources

edit citmp-server.yml

start icecon_windows_amd64.exe
click on connect and enter your server ip with the default server port as example 30120
in the next box enter your rconpassword (you get this also in the citmp-server.yml)

now you are able to use the commands.

thanks for your help! refreshing doesn’t work for nui pages, but stopping and starting does. Finally <3

With ■■■■■■■ you also could use restart [Resource] :slight_smile:

Thanks Yashiku, I wasn’t aware of that. Makes our life much easier.