Project Ryze | +18 Serious Roleplay | No Whitelist | Hiring EMS/PD/DOJ | Gangs, Heists, Other Illegal Activities | Player Owned Businesses and Housing | Racing, Custom Cars |

Project Ryze

A new and exciting Roleplay community in FiveM with active and hands on staff who work tirelessly to enhance the server, with numerous features for civilians, criminals, law enforcement, medical staff and a robust legal system that is based off actual case law in the United States! At Project Ryze, we strive to provide serious RP through creative scenes and storytelling. With a player driven economy that is taking a more realistic approach. For Criminals

  • Over 120 different varieties of drugs to be crafted with varying degrees of quality!
  • 10 different heists of varying complexity to ensure there is an end game to achieve
  • Store robberies, car boosting, and underground racing!
  • Fun things to do when you are serving time in prison

For Civilians

  • Various civilian jobs across the city including Towing, Trucking, Garbage, and unique day labor jobs like dog walking and landscaping
  • Player Owned Businesses including restaurants, clubs, mechanic shops, dealerships, and more. If you have an idea for something else, staff is willing to work to make that idea reality.
  • Numerous updated cars as well as new vehicles with custom sounds and custom handling files
  • Unique scripts to providing legal, civilian oriented activities to do in your leisure time.
  • Plenty of clothing options for both males and females, and staff is constantly looking to expand the catalogue
  • Own your own home, work with a realtor to design a place to call your own!

For Law Enforcement oriented players

  • A robust evidence system including:
    • Fingerprints
    • Blood(including the various blood types)
    • DNA
    • Casings, bullet fragments and vehicle fragments
  • More roleplay oriented structure including prisoner transports to Bollingbroke to allow further RP between Police and Criminal Organizations.
  • 20+ lore friendly vehicles with custom liveries
  • No waiting for a supervisor to get you out on patrol, some basic training and an initial ride-along and you are ready to get on the streets by yourself!

For Medical Professionals

  • An engaging and interesting medical script with a hud display to help players provide better roleplay to EMS and doctors
  • ECGs, both mobile and static options to get the vitals of your patients
  • A varied fleet of vehicles including a helicopter with updated liveries
  • Prescription drugs for expanding your options of care to patients

Come be a part of a growing community of like minded roleplayers, and see what else there is to offer at Project Ryze

Rzye Up today at: Project Ryze
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Project Ryze is now offering FREE GANG PACKS* including but not limited to a hideout/clubhouse(using our housing script), custom articles of clothing, custom item related to the gang, and/or a custom gang vehicle. If you have a group that wants to find a new home to RP at, give us a try. Reach out via a ticket in discord and staff will work with you.

Subject to availability of the development team, and pending review from staff including but not limited to the amount of members, activity, and/or quality of roleplay produced as a gang