Project Error - pe-basicloading

Project Error Basic Loading

A very basic, yet still robust and extendable, loading screen.


Github Repository

This is a release focused around simplicity and usability. Instead of the common tacky loadingscreens that steer clear from the choices of real game UIs, this resource aims to embrace that feeling. You can read more about its features below.


  • Customizable tip section that can be switched through
  • Markdown support for tip section content. Also allows for navigation using the Left and Right arrow keys
  • Customizable animated backgrounds that smoothly transition
  • CSS/JS cursor implementation, allowing for its use while loading

You can read more about each option at the Github Repository


feat(music): volume cfg, control help, location handling

Curious about how it looks?

Here is a short preview video of the loading screen


really good +1

Nice job chip

Add music = perfect

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Very nice. Could we maybe add some sound please?

Good job chip!

Looks good! Maybe use the “gta online loading” text box instead of the thing at the bottom? i feel like that would really bring it home

We’ll get some documentation out today for those that wants to add music. I’ll let you know once it’s done.

I love the well written code as well as the good JS practices. Good job.

The only thing I’d change: pe-basicloading/script.js at master · project-error/pe-basicloading · GitHub

It’s loading this and I can’t get into my server:

You can’t scroll through the tips though.

hi the script is amazing but you can add music and logo ??

so it becomes even more beautiful

If something is wrong, create an issue on GitHub, not here.


Create a GitHub issue with your request, or feel free to create a PR if you want.


What exactly are you linking here?

+Rep Defo please add

You can scroll through tips using the left and right arrow keys. Seems like I forgot to add click listeners to those icons (good work Taso), so click actions won’t work for now, will be fixed next release

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The useless space that’s triggering me :sob:

:thinking: I’ll think about it

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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