Project Citizen - Under Development - Looking for developers

Hello guys,

Project Citizen was formed by a group of friends who invested alot of time into a server which found various errors in both the way it was ran and the various scripts that are out there so we decided to band together to try and create something for serious roleplay but also add some fresh ideas to the mix.

We’ve been getting further into development and ran into some issues where we lack the overall coding knowledge to proceed on a good rate. Let me note at this stage we are all willing to learn and will get there but have decided this could be a great time to bring someone on board who has the experience to push this forward.

What we have:-

  1. Server hardware, rented from a supplier in Canada (OVH)
  2. Experience community management
  3. Fresh ideas and basic to mid coding ability
  4. A base group of friends with potentially many more ready to fill key service positions when we launch

What we need from a developer:-

  1. Someone with alot of experience with LUA & FiveM
  2. A level of patience to teach and share with the others so we can grow as a development team.
  3. Experience with esx scripts and the inherent issues is preferred

What the developer will gain:-

  1. Joint operation of a server/team with the idea to create something fresh and really great for people to play.
  2. A group of friends and a community to call his own long term
  3. Ability to become centre of this new city and be a part of it’s core and growth in the future

Basically if you are interested and looking for a home and have the ability to create your own visions and ideas and work with a group of people please contact me and we can discuss how to move forward. I appreciate your time reading this. Discord:- Jaysee#6969

Update 1: Still looking for a dev, we have many scripts already implemented with an ESX base, now we are trying to change how the property system/ inventory system works. Thanks!

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Bump still looking

Development moving on, really looking for someone who is experienced with ESX_Property in particular. Let me know!

I can help add me on discord Raging MoDz#2326

Ok added mate :slight_smile:

i also can help Fragz#4036

Ok we got a Dev on ESX_Property with some great ideas and direction as to where we want to take our properties on Project Citizen.

Looking for people who want to develop /take ownership of various aspects/ areas. Particularly interested in hearing ideas about the car dealership/ economy/ gangs

Please note not looking to make anyone a slave with a list of shit to do, looking for people who want to implement their ideas with ours to create a great serious RP environment.

Still looking,

Heya guys - getting nearer to release. Looking for devs for additional content/jobs/ drug systems now. Let me know if you’re interested!

I’m interested. Add me on Discord TXARMYOWENS#5009

Seems Your discord will not let me add you. Please add Jaysee#6969 and we can talk

Property script almost finished:-

We can add a property anywhere on the fly and create unique inventories inside them. Just need to add keysharing and cop raiding.

Full in game MDT also ready and implemented. Using all in-game features, no need for registration or external web services.

Looking for people to work in other areas we have many more tasks to complete if you’re interested in working on these add me as above.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi i am interested my Discord is julianwessels10#9511

Discord ID - does not work Julian. Add me Jaysee#6969

I am looking for a new home as a developer, I am experienced in LUA, Vehicles, Textures, ESX, a bit of HTML. My discord is MrColdSticks.Dev#1906 All I ask in favor is a can become a LEO

Add me discord - rollysz#0685

I’m Looking for a Dev on my server… are you still looking for work?

Are you still looking for work?

Hey I was recently in a community that unfortunately had to shut down due to certain circumstances I would love to join this came in today and be a part of this Journey

My discord is Ryan66#5142

Please respond ASAP