Problem with the scripts, I looking for help,

ask for a friend,

I will write everything down in detail, so looking for help. write a private message.

  1. inventory script, can only give and drop and Not. Use. Split. Eat. Transfer.

  2. weapon shop, can buy everything in the weapon shop but just don’t get it, money is taken, when buying weapons. and all that. weapons don’t show in inventory. after buying weapons.

  3. clothing store and colors script, have bought clothing store script, and colors scripts to clothing. got hold of the person who made the scripts got a reply just had to delete clear cache, is done but just get the same answer over and over etc. has not helped, problem is still there.

  4. emotes, Walking Styles, Dancing emotes, problem, you can’t, it’s in there but you just can’t use it you cannot write dance and a number for and choose one of dance, and no Emote Wheel either. << /sit /lay >> and number you can’t either.

  5. take a shower - Bath, you get stuck and can’t get out of the bath again. and then you have to log out of the game and log in again. for and take bat you have to use Z and choose one of those where you can wash legs and arms not heads and hair. << instead of it should be that when you take a bath you just go in and hold B to take a bath. >> but there just isn’t. there are only two places where you can take a bath for free, the other places you have to pay and it should be that you can enter the bath house and take a bath for free.

  6. there are also missing horses stable and some horse carriages. and all that.

and much more.

write a private message with all the help. ask for a friend.