Problem add ymaps to server

hi, lately when I add new maps to the server, I add the ymap files as usual.

but I have a problem, I have put different mappings and the textures do not load well, why can it be? in all of them the soil is always missing etc …

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Didnt get u there did u put in the stream folder other maps? did u change names what did u do?

can u send a screenshot?

do not change the names or anything, as it comes in the downloaded file, I have put it directly … it’s strange …
this with another map:

Try putting out files that not connected to this ymap out please.
wait a moment all what u got there if for this ymap only?
can u send me this ymap i will check something…

this is the first one, it doesn’t work

link second ymap:

ok i am checking the first

ok this is how its in my server its broken yeah…

Right they are both not working for me also you were right…

and what is the fault? It is not the only map that does not work. is extrange