Price for weapons add-on components?

I’m looking for prices for attachments for weapons (flashlights, scopes, suppressors, grips, skins, et al.) I am willing to do the legwork, looking things up on the web, I do not expect someone to hand me a ready made list. But I won’t say no if you have one!

I need an online resource that has the GTA:O prices for the various add-ons for weapons at Ammunation stores. My Google-fu is weak, apparently. Anyone have a clue for me?

This has a good amound of info.
Just not the prices.

That’s been the story of my life, haha. Everything but the prices. I finally just sat down and wrote a good estimation of the costs of the additional components. I am not sure how precise they are, but I think they’ll work for me.

Thanks for looking, though. I’ll keep this for future use.

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You change the prices in the Database. Look for the items in the weapons_shop or weapons_items I think it is and change the value of price to those items you want to change.

I know this much. :grinning:

I am looking for the prices themselves. The values. My weapon prices I pulled from a GTA wiki so I had them as close to GTAO game as possible. But I don’t have prices for the add-ons and accessories.

I’m planning on just winging it if I can’t get the prices from GTAO.

Thanks for responding.

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