Hi Everyone!

My team and I have been working on an ESX CAD system, and I would like some community feedback on some design aspects specifically the home screen and the search database screen. Currently the home screen is a bit plain when it comes to content, and I wanna make sure I’m going the right way with design. I have attached some pictures of previews. Thank you!

CAD Images


Looks great :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Looks amazing! keep up the great work!

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Are you going to release your script in public access?

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This looks amazing! Good work.

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Thank you!

Yes, still have to do all the other tabs, so it won’t be for a little while longer

Thank you!!

What does the civ side of the cad look like, I’m curious.

There is no civ side. When the user joins the game they have to register a character, which feeds all that information to a database that the leo side can pull from this cad

Ah so a forced one charcter per civ.

Not at all. You’re searching a database table, so you can have endless identities

Hurm, I’m not dev for fivem so a little difficult but I think I understand what would need to be done. Should be interesting.

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Looks amazing so far

Hit me up if you want some troubleshooting and/or testing! :slight_smile:

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@ADRNALN when do you think the launch date will be?

With university starting back up, I haven’t had much time to work on it recently I’ll try to get something posted

I’m up for testing stuff for you

Will this only be an leo sort of cad? Or will it be a cad with civilian stuff, maybe when you buy a gun it automatically registers there etc, and stuff for civ’s to do? And it would be awesome if there was fire/ems and mechanic or something there aswell. Lot’s of ideas.

Anything a civ buys; houses, weapons, cars, boats etc will all display when an officer does a search on the player. It’ll be pulling from the same DB where your ESX stuff stores

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