Pretty Fun Time

Economy is balanced, runs really really well compared to any server I tried prior, drip is nice, cars are pretty sassi.

As of early Feb. 2022 its often flooded with GTA online players which in turn take you out of your own RP but meh it’s same with any public server thats any good, eventually they find it. . . Whitelist of this server would be dank IMO.

Cops/EMS right now seem hella stressed/unable to manage the debauchery.
Got my first ever ban in RP on this server from biking with my hotdog stand, so they pretty strict about the rules even when your RPing or Meming in an RP so ye thats not really a bad thing I guess, pretty stict when they wanna be.

Although I have had more then a few instances with people assaulting me outside hostpital and multiple cops completely bltantly ignoring it (haha) . . but yeah cool server some decent RP going on once you spend 2-3 days scraping through the BS and doing a couple hours of starfish RP.

Devs are standout, Staff are above average so far in my experience.
About 20 hours in - Worth it so far . .

why care about the review - (over 1.5k GTA RP Hours)


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