Prefech_RPChat (With chat modes.)

Prefech RPChat

Chat Modes:

With chat modes you can just hit Tab to switch to Staff only chat or make easy tweets.
You can add as many chat modes as you want in the config file.


You can also make commands in the config.
We have set some predefined once like /me, /tweet, /annotweet and /ooc


You can also use the system messages with the export.
And make any custom looking messages with the second export.

Additional Info:

For more info and how to use it:
Tebex: (€10,00)




would love this with a job chat command, so only people with the same job role can see it :slight_smile:

You can add ace permissions for that like how staff chat works.

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So is this a chat theme? or did you make your own chat?

Chat theme but it uses the new added chat modes function.

This is actually quite nice, as long as you can change the background since the gradient background
can be quite distracting when you are playing on the server, I think it would look better with out the
gradient, my only complaints is that you can basically get this exact script for free just without the
gradient and without the background on the icon.

I mean i haven’t seen anyone use the chat modes option before.
Also the option to disable the gradient is a good suggestion.

When I install this, the theme is basic and doesn’t look like the screenshots

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Make sure you use the latest default chat resource.
Then it should just work perfectly fine.

The tebex doesent work anymore so I cant buy this chat?

can more chat options be added by the purchaser?

Yes you can add them in the config file:

Config.ChatModes = {
    Staff = {name = "Staff", color = "#FF0000", logchannel = "chat", perms = "jd.staff"},
    Tweet = {name = "Tweet", color = "#1DA1F2", logchannel = "chat"},
    Me = {name = "Me", color = "#3CB371", logchannel = "chat"}

awesome, and does this work with QB?

It’s standalone.


Where do i add the ace perms to and whats the command to allow on that? @JokeDevil