A state wide CCTV network monitors all vehicle activities 24/7.

This way you will find your suspect in no time.



  • FiveM FXServer
  • A Discord Server (Optional for Logs)

Main Features

  • Plate detecting
  • Notify ace permission based
  • 80+ cameras pre set on the map
    • You can add more cameras if you want to


  • /addplate [Plate] This will add a plate to the search list
  • /delplate [Plate] This will remove a plate from the search list
  • /plates This will show you the current search list.

Download & Installation

  1. Download the files
  2. Put the Prefech_ALPR folder in the server resource directory
  3. Add this to your server.cfg
ensure Prefech_ALPR
  1. And to make the permissions load on serer restart you need to add this to your server.cfg

Screenshots / Video


I’ll try it :slight_smile:

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Nice Script. but can you make it only run the script for Esx Jobs also for ‘‘police, SAHP and etc’’ ?

That you can do yourself easy with it only show for certain jobs etc. Check your other scripts for example police job and copy lines there that are the same for example blips :slight_smile:

how many ms?, resmon please?

What a cool roleplay script. :+1:

Would there be a way to integrate the F3 menu (SEM interaction Menu) With this os you would be able to input the plates through the menu instead of chat commands?

Also maybe a /clearplates to remove all plates. No critism its a amazing script lad thanks!

You will need to add this yourself since i want to keep it a standalone resource

Download the update and it’s in

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using the latest update:

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This is such a good script… If I can get it to work. My issue with it is that we only get one ping for the license plate and then it doesn’t pick up on any other vehicles or even the same one that we are tracking. I’m forced to restart the script only to get one ping. Is there a fix for that. Or am I missing something?

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Can you get me some more details on how you add the plate, what version you’re on and if you’re using onesync.

Version. I’m using is 1.0.2 on ESX version. 1.1 Onesynce is on
Commands are input just as explained.

Thanks in advance for the help.

How do I link a discord webhook to this script?

in config.lua
do i need to add job or steam id?

  1. Config.addPlatePerms = “steam:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx” – Ace Permission needed to add plates.
  2. Config.addPlatePerms = “police” – Ace Permission needed to add plates.
    which one is correct to get permissions 1 or 2?

How to add perms to add, remove, clear, see, notification plate?