Possible Fixes for the Infinity Loading issue when joining a server

Since there is not a singular post that actually seems to have the universal fix and nobody has time scrolling for hours, here is some of what I found that might work for some of y’all Steam users if you get stuck loading into any server. First one did the trick for me, can’t vouch for the rest…

Add RedM to Steam Library and launch it through Steam while having every launcher open. Make sure to attach RedM to your Steam library as a non-steam game.

In %localappdata%\RedM.app\data, delete the 3 folders called cache, server-cache and server-cache-priv.
In %localappdata%, delete the folder called DigitalEntitlements.
Close Steam/Rockstar/Epic.

Start launcher. Start RedM.

When RedM starts, immediately open the console with F8
If loading stops at INIT_CORE, quit and restart

Once you see INIT_BEFORE_MAP_LOADED you should be able to connect to any server

In RedM launcher try to change the client version from Release to Beta, and if this doesn’t fix it, from Beta to unstable.

Drop the RedM installation file into the root of the game folder.

Have RDR2 turned on and be in-game, then launch your RedM server. Should connect then. Should work without it next time

→ Find RedM Application Data folder RedM.app and add this line to the Citizen.ini file: UpdateChannel=canary

optional: delete folders in the cache other than game and ipfs_data

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