Popcorn Roleplay | Currently hiring EMS staff For Paleto Bay Hospital

Hello Everyone

Popcorn Roleplay is a Semi Casual RP Server with over three years of experience roleplaying, managing, and developing unique roleplay experiences for thousands of players, we’re putting a fresh spin on GTA 5 roleplay experience.

You can expect and experience:

  • Passionate admin and dev team pushing immersion and roleplay
  • In-depth police and DoJ system
  • EMS System
  • Deep evidence system
  • Realistic weapons, gunplay, and weapon balance
  • Balanced vehicle speeds and handling
  • John Wick-inspired underworld Roleplay
  • Player-owned businesses
  • Player-run economy

We’re currently in the process of hiring new EMS staff for Paleto Bay Medical Center. Hands on training in a fun and diverse environment. Many medical addons have been implemented to bring new and exciting scenarios into your immersive roleplay.

We are currently looking for passionate players (18+) who are willing to open, run, and maintain Paleto Bay Medical Center. No prior knowledge and experience needed. PST, EST, CST, GMT are welcome. Feel free to apply via our discord server Popcorn Roleplay under Whitelist-applications.

If in doubt, please reach out. Happy to answer any lingering questions and explain more in depth of your potential new adventure.