Poor Staff.

I played this server for a while and the community is alright, I think some of the people are not fit for the server as when I joined I intended to stream within it but after a week I was called homophobic and racial slurs without the staff batting an eye. To bounce of that topic and to get to the point of the reason the title of this review is called ‘Poor Staff’. In my own experiance I ended up in a ticket with staff barking at me wanting a reason why I combat logged; the first thing I said is “No, I dont have a reason. I completely understand what I did was wrong and I accept whatever penalty” (Along those lines) that whole time in my mind I just wanted this ticket to end because I knew the staff was going to run my ass about it. Suprisingly after all that was said is that I was going to recieve was a temporary ban for 6 hours and I cant express more how I was so relieved I wasn’t having to be lectured by a control of the situation freak. No-less than 5 seconds after I requested the ticket to be closed the initial staff member passed @'d another staff member that did give me shit, this staff member accused me of blatently and obviously staff disrespecting the initial staff member whiles also adding at the very end that I was acting like a child (talk about disrespect hypocrite). The second staff member raised the temporary ban I thought was a joke and joked about it. Then the second staff raised it again because I wasn’t taking the situation serious. I requested the staff above the second staff member because I felt like I it was completely unfair in my situation. But got the same reaction. By now it was a 48 hour ban and I still didn’t know what I was doing wrong other than not taking a ticket serious and asking for the ticket to be closed. After trying to plead for a reason why I my ban was extended they closed the ticket. I took my problem to community help questioning the reason I was banned for such a extended period of time because I was never told. The staff deleted my messages in comminuty help so I asked the initial staff and the second staff in private dm’s (neither of them responded and the second staff blocked me) leaving me clueless.

I was permanetly banned because I was “causing problems in community help”

I had grew such a big community within infamous and my stream viewers loved the server. Its unfortanute that sadistic staff that get bored use their community as punching bags. This is a message to Candey Lanez, ChrisNetzalGaming, Jacobs, and Sheriff S. Wight. I would only forgive you guys if you give me a complete reason on why I was banned. I am not asking to be unbanned because im passed that if it makes you feel better Candey Lanez but a little humbling would do you some good.


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