Police RP! Script/Mod?

Hey Guys!
Lately, me and a few friends have been wanting to set up a private RP server.
What we are looking for is the ability to interact with NPC’s (i.e. Pulling them over, ticketing them, arresting them)

I posted something similar to this around 5 months ago and am back to see if anything has updated so that we can get this working.

Hopefully someone comes across this and can save us from about 4 hours of searching the internet. Thanks!

Look for scripts besides that it is possible but google should be your best bet.

Yeah I’ve done quite a lot of searching to find something similar, but nothing shows. Hopefully you or someone knows of something I can use

Most people wont share their scripts that they make, simply because they created them and people will steal them for their own community without giving credit. Instead of asking for the scripts to be created, lean LUA, its really not that difficult and can be learned within a matter of days or months depending on your knowledge of scripting.

Is there anyone who would like to create one? Depending on the depth, I’d be willing to pay.

Sounds like you´re looking for LSPDFR

Yup - Something in that nature. Obviously, theres a limit to what people can do, but I’d like to have a mod/script that will allow us to pull over NPCs and interact with them.

Pulling them over, Ticketing them or Arresting them. Having to take the to jail. Things like this…

That’s what I enjoy doing too - arresting NPCs. I don’t have any great scripts but there are some that make it doable. Currently I am using “Arrest Peds V (Police mech / cuffs) 1.0.1” from the GTAVMods’ website. It allows me to arrest an NPC but they don’t commit crimes, lol.

I heard PoliceMod2 works but I haven’t had any luck. I think it doesn’t work anymore with the newer FiveR updates.

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Hey! Just downloaded that mod, where do I put these files??

@Dimmies Put the .ASI fie in your FiveM/plugins and the .ini in your original GTA5 folder. This script works but its very buggy :slight_smile:

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be sure to thank kanersps but I think this is what your looking for


Ah! This sounds very promising, where do I throw these files?? @cody196

create a folder inside resources then put all those files in it

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@cody196 Got them in and somewhat working - Cant seem to get NPCs to pull over. I’m in a cop car, but civ clothes. Do I need to be in cop clothing or do anything special?

Update : We’re getting quite a lot of issues with this. Not being able to successfully pull any NPCs over, getting frozen in our spot when interacting with NPCs and a bit more.

comment ça marche sur le serveur

How it works on the server

So what does this do?