Police, Raid and Warrent Script

Can someone make this mod,
Example, if the police see u doing something illegal like selling drug, shooting or if your in a high speed chase a progressbar meter will pop up on the screen and 5stars automatically u get if the police stay on you until the progressbar fill up it will pop up on the screen that your under arrest you been busted and then it will send you to jail loosing whatever items that u had on u and we should be able to customize the list for the illegal items each item has a time on it, like if u get caught with a gun thats 10minutes in jail or if caught with drugs like cocain that 15min and add all of the illegal items up 10min for the gun 15 for cocain = 25minutes in jail and depending on your illegal items u can get a bond the price of the bond should be customized so we can change the price of the bond, also if u have drug spots in your session drug spots can be raided at any time if caught in a drug raid that would be Drug Raid= 20min and u loose whatever illegal items that u are carrying and if u get away from the cops u will have a warrent out for your arrest with a timer showing how much time u have before your warrent is dropped and by having a warrent making it very hard for u to sell drugs on the street and also bring heat to whatever location your in…just a idea if someone feel like they can make this mod go for it, please make scripts for free roam RP! Thanks