Poker - Texas Hold'em [QBCore/ESX/Custom]

Yes, I agree that my first try on Poker was not perfect and that’s why I decided to do a complete remake from scratch to make it perfectly working after gainint more experience in coding thoughout the time.

Can confirm, players been loving it, and they were highly upset when I turned it off during the payout issues. They were manually correcting payouts themselves just to keep playing as they liked it so much.

Now they couldn’t be happier with it working properly. The PERFECT addition to rcore_casino with just some minor config changes to move the poker table to a good spot in the casino.

I won’t name them, but I own all the other Texas Hold Em scripts, have had them all in my server at one time or another, and they were never used no matter how many times I tried to get games going. This is the first one that got players actually playing poker, without me even pestering them to try it.

Hello, looks damn good.

Can you config tables without using table prop? I have MLO what where is custom poker tables and no room to add table.

Any chance K4MB1’s casino? If so DM me, there’s a file you can remove to delete the default table/chairs and I have the coords for this script to add this table/chairs in the middle.

No its Black Wood Saloon: