As I saw in the last Update (03/08/2016) there was a feature called “Pointer values have been introduced”.

Could anyone explain how those are implemented, as I can not find any information about that.

Thanks in advance!

There is this thing here but I don’t understand either how I am supposed to point to a Pointer.

local _i, _f, _v, _r, _ri, _rf, _s, _rv, _in =
Citizen.PointerValueInt(), Citizen.PointerValueFloat(), Citizen.PointerValueVector(),
Citizen.ReturnResultAnyway(), Citizen.ResultAsInteger(), Citizen.ResultAsFloat(), Citizen.ResultAsString(), Citizen.ResultAsVector(),

I think there must be a function in the Citizen object to setup a pointer.

Where did you get those functions ? Is there a DB of all Citizen functions?

@Koka its in the top of the native.lua file. I cant find any functions about pointers in the other files at Citizen/scripting/

Not sure at all but
someone might wanna test this:

for a, b, c in FUNCTION_HERE do
use a, b, c here