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On day 1, me and my friends flew in expecting to be amazed with what the city has to offer. It went smooth for the first two days then it started to get a little annoying. We were dressed as Jewish men, and many people shouted slurs and would harrass us until we flew out. Some people were cool and friendly, but as our time here went on we realized that the STAFF does not care about NEW PLAYERS. I was being targeted and RDM, while bringing it to attention of the staff, it took me 50 MINS FOR SUPPOR. Multiple reports to admins and even in contact with the owner. Nothing has changed. COPS in this city are corrupt and anti-semetic, as well as the players. We were harrassed to the point where we had to CHANGE CLOTHES AND TOLD NOT TO BE JEWISH IN THE CITY!! As soon as I would respawn, I would be called Jewish slurs and carried out with no RolePlay. There was an EMS woman, told us that the situation is done. Nothing done to the offenders. Many players say how they can vouch for us, watching us blatantly get harrassed and nothing is done. This is sickening to witness in a videogame where we are being followed by different gangs the whole time im in the server. @NukeTheWale please get a grip on your server, this is very unorganized and im completly appalled this city is ran like this. Many players feel for us, and for that I thank those who did. Multiple FailRP reports with CAMERA footage and nothing will be done. We were kiddnapped and robbed atleast 5 times in an 3 hours. Impossible to play if you dont know anyone. COPS DONT CARE AND ADMINS DONT CARE.

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