[PLEASE HELP] Problems regarding HeidiSQL (EssentialMode)

I’ve been trying for 5 hours straight but I just can’t seem to figure it out. When I tried to connect with HeidiSQL it kept saying error:“Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (10061)”.

Is there anyone who wants to do it for me perhaps? Cause I just can’t seem to figure it out. And there also is no english tutorial explaining it.


it states in the release of Essential mode that it will have LIMITED support meaning if you don’t know how to do it its your problem

It’s not really a problem regarding EssentialMode. I know how that works. My only problem is that I am unable to connect to the HeidiSQL server (or whatever it is). I’ve asked it on the forum at HeidiSQL but nobody responded.

Is your server hosted local to the HeidiSQL or on a remote server?

Open up the SQL file using a text editor (e.g. Notepad++) and remove the part that says "USE ‘essentialmode;’ and you should be good.

hey bro, is your problem already fix? can you tell me what you just did?