Please help me !1 :(

every time I try to open fivereborn …

Whats the problem?

Login with your Social Club details.

I try
but when I try to log in this winow disappier and nothing happen :’(

Do you have the game bought?

it is cracked
but some time ago it worked

Read the text at the very bottom of the activation UI. simple as that.

did’t work… it just close

I can’t play on fivereborn if I have the cracked game ?

like one or two mouth ago I play with it

no you can’t, so buy the game or don’t play

i was an update and before the update just get me this … and now I can;t play…

i know, thats why they updated it, you may not play fivereborn with cracked versions. just pay for the game

it another way to play online with cracked version

####Pirate copy - Locked