Player stuck in a solo session despite being in the right bucket

We have encountered a bug that only happens when we have 800+ players online simutaneously. The bug is the following, whenever the server gets to over 800+ some players spawn in a solo session and cant interact with others (in theory they are in the same bucket as the rest).
Its as if they were sent to a different dimension where they cant see other players, cars, etc…
Right now the only way that we have found to fix this is to have the player reconnect until he logs in the multiplayer session.
Do you guys have any idea of what might be happening as this bug has been hindering our server growth for quite a while?
Client Version: b2373
Server Version: FXServer 5848

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Can you possibly print out the routing bucket for the source ID (Server-side)? See what difference it has compared to the other 800 ID’s.

Only print it when #GetPlayers() > 800.

local retval --[[ integer ]] =
		playerSrc --[[ string ]]


  • playerSrc: The player to get the routing bucket for.


The routing bucket ID.

Gets the routing bucket for the specified player.

Routing buckets are also known as ‘dimensions’ or ‘virtual worlds’ in past echoes, however they are population-aware.

We already did this, the player in “solo” session is in bucket 1 as the normal player. We use bucket 1 as default

So you’re saying the player is in the right routing bucket but still can’t see others?

Exactly, and when you tp the player that can`t see other the exactly coords that ped return is always null or 0 doesn’t matter where the player are

And what if you manually set their routing bucket?

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Doesn’t work neither, Seems to be a issue that occurs with 800+ but is not all players that login with this error the server gets 1200 + players, but with more players the problem seems to be more frequently

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Did someone get a solution for this?