Player Spawn Pedlist

Hello there! My name is Kenny and i’m looking for a mastermind who loves to deal with spawn names (So you can spawn the character you want and play as it) I’m looking towards the doomsday category to be precise, i’m looking for the juggernaut spawn code (The one with the face but invisible head, i’ve been trying to research the spawncode for it for a few days now and have had no luck, I was wondering if there was an expert on this to try help me, or at least find a Ped List (Not the Hash) with all their spawn names to save for the future, i will attatch a photo of what im exactly looking for.

There’s not a ped for it, but there is MP Peds which you can get the cloths on it to create what ya want…

I do believe its is there I remember at one stage its was juggernaut1 but since then I’ve forgotten the code for example s_m_y_juggernaut1 I cant remember the code before the name

I’ve never seen it in my time within GTA V modding (near 4 years) as a default ped. Maybe see if there’s an add-on you can get.

Never played the doomsday heist in gta online Faxes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what about u_m_y_juggernaut_01 ?


shut up. GTA:O eww


You’re a legend!!!