PlayAmbientSpeech1 from player ped?

I’ve searched couldn’t find an answer, so hopefully this will be simple.

I’ve tried using PlayAmbientSpeech1 as well as PlayAmbientSpeechWithVoice on the player ped and nothing happens. The output of CanPedSpeak is true for the specific speech. I’ve also tried SetPedTalk as well.

Is it just not possible to have your own ped play an ambient speech line?

Thanks in advance.


Final bump.

did you find why ?
driving me nuts…

what do i need to load before PlayAmbientSpeechWithVoice for it to work

PlayAmbientSpeechWithVoice(GetPlayerPed(-1), "GENERIC_INSULT_HIGH", "s_m_y_sheriff_01_white_full_01", "SPEECH_PARAMS_FORCE",0)

Maybe this first… (did not worked)

SetAmbientVoiceName(PlayerPedId(), "s_m_y_sheriff_01_white_full_01")

Sorry, but no. I’m pretty sure you just can’t use this native on a player ped.