Pickle's Weapon Throwing | Throw Weapons, Pickup Weapons, Drop Weapons on Death, And more!

Help i cant pick up the weapons i use QB core And QB-inventory everything else works just that i cant pick up the weapons

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Issue with the weapon’s collision (or lack of) model I think. Think it’s a fix you have to do with the gun itself rather than this resource.

I’m glad so many are using this resource!


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Good script !!

Resource is :fire:! How do I make the animation look more realistic? The current one looks kinda weird

same here!! PICKLE!!

Any idea why picking up items is not working? Please respond asap!!
Thank you!

  • Daniel

Is your framework and inventory up to date?
Oxlib up to date?

Hey pickle, question.

im looking to add a chance to leave finger prints at the prop location

       ``` if math.random(1, 100) <= 80 and not QBCore.Functions.IsWearingGloves() then
            TriggerServerEvent('evidence:server:CreateFingerDrop', plyCoords)
        end ```

how would i pass the coords to the locations of the prop on floor?

Framework is 100% up to date. Ox Lib doesn’t work for some reason. Even with the latest updates. (It works but 3-4 scripts say its out of date even when its literally the version that came out yesterday… go figure :man_shrugging:

Is debug mode supposed to be set to true? Great work!

When I throw my weapon it doesn’t let me pick it up, do I need the OX-Inventory?

Love it very innovative, breaking barriers with new concepts dude!

i can throw the weapon but cant pick it back up any idea what ive done wrong ?

same here

When i die my weapon drops i can pick it back up. but when i try to throw my gun it wont let me throw it at all.

this script is incredible too bad it would be necessary to have the same style of script for the bag it falls into an item after death and the other players can pick it up it would be incredible