Pickle's Rentals | Rent Vehicles, Deposit System, Rental Plates, And more!

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What is this?

This is a multi-framework vehicle rental script, which is perfect for players who need transport without buying a new vehicle.

With this resource, you will be able to do the following:

  • Rent vehicles at multiple locations.
  • Rental License Plates for Rented Vehicles.
  • Deposit System based on damage & rental time.
  • Vehicle Previews for rented vehicles.
  • And more!

Supported Frameworks

  • ESX 1.1+ & Legacy
  • QBCore
  • Other (Code your own bridge)

What do I need?

Use a supported framework or make it work with yours via the bridge folder.

Ox Lib (Required, Works with any server).


ensure ox_lib before pickle_rental in the config.

Restart the server.

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Great job, as always :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:


Brother now you are not at your schedule (pay/free/pay/free) :joy: but offcourse I’m messing with you… always caring with community… something so rare this days


nice work as always

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Players don’t obtain a key when renting vehicle, and as soon as they exit the vehicle they cannot re enter it.
Anyone know how to apply the fix?

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If qbcore go to main/bridge/qb/client.lua

function GiveKeys(vehicle)
TriggerEvent(“vehiclekeys:client:SetOwner”, QBCore.Functions.GetPlate(vehicle))

and delete of comment

function GiveKeys(vehicle)

try if work

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As @newp said, we don’t receive keys when using qbcore bridge. get notifications about money being taken and car spawns, but when you get out of the car, you can’t get back in.

Have the same issue as @newp and tried instructions you provided. Didn’t work.

I actually gave up after a month of trying to get this resource creator to help me. Wouldn’t provide an exact line to incorporate the snippet. Wouldn’t acknowledge that this is the only resource I own that I cannot get keys for.

Ah well, you win some you lose some…

I’ll make it easier for key support to be added, possibly through the config.

@newp ^

Update v1.1.0

  • Moved GiveKeys to config.
  • French & Deutsch translation.

Thank you very much for accommodating. Redeem Lvl 1000!

Hi, is there a way to group the blips? If I have 10 area’s it will create a lot of extra blips around the map. Otherwise very good rental script.

is there anyway to set the what color the vehicle spawns at and vehicle mods like spoiler bumpers ect

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Fixed video link.

im having the same issues with not getting the keys. what exact line do i need to copy from QB?

Did you figure it out? Im struggling

If you could add rental time, it would be nice

im having dramas getting the menu to come up the ped is there but the menu doesnt show up when i walk up to him any idea what ive done wrong ?