Pickle's Police Tools | Shields, Snakecam, Bodycam, Panic Button, and more!

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  • Helmets

    • Night Vision
    • Thermal Vision
    • Synced Flashlights
  • Shields

    • Comes with two default shields, you can add more.
    • You can aim and use weapons while using a shield.
  • Snakecam

    • Peek inside rooms with a snake camera
    • You can set the distance the camera can go.
  • Panic Button

    • Call for backup by using the /panic command.
    • You can also call for backup by using the item.
    • Requiring the panic item is enabled when the item is.
  • Bodycam

    • Overlay that has real-life time running.
    • Settings auto-save when changed.
  • Emergency Alert System

    • Group & Item Support is available.
    • Text-To-Speech Reading of the Alert Message (due to limitations with CEF, seems that english is the only language supported when speaking, written still works without it).

Supported Frameworks

  • ESX 1.1+ & Legacy
  • QBCore
  • Standalone

Additional Requirements

Ox Lib (Required, Works anywhere).


Rename the folder to "pickle_policetools".

Go to the "_INSTALL" folder.

Run the SQL file for the items.

Restart the server.

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~800
Requirements Ox Lib
Support Yes

Always making dope script bro :fire::fire::fire:

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Bro! This is super dope, may I ask for a future update to maybe throw in a body cam feature! we def cop’n this next! good work!

(btw loving the airport script, ty!)

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Thanks for the appreciation!

I already have a bodycam in this script, could you elaborate a little more towards what you’re looking for?

Thank you again!

bruh, i totally missed that cause i was blown away with the snake cam, helmets… This is amazing!

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Thank you so much man, I’m so happy that you like it!


Nice tools.

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Awesome dude with active support and listening to his followers an the community


Nice I find the Snakecam can be a little cheat if it’s just a noclip with distance if the other players don’t see any object / cord that can’t be destroyed maybe a future update?


Sheesh nice one i have tested these certified nice

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Pickle as always this is a one of best script on fivem thanks for your dedication for us

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Isnt that shieldprop from @LondonStudios ?

That is not the case.

All props used in my resource are in the default database of objects.

Happy Holidays, and thank you for your question!

Oh okay thanks <3

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Very solid work and extremely useful with high stakes bank robberies and this is just very creative.

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Beautiful work! I was just looking for a good police tool script! Great job!

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fire!!! once again!!!

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@PickleMods how i use the night vision and how change the variation? :wink:

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You use night vision by using your F11 button.

To swap visions tap “G”.

To toggle the flashlight, hold “G”.

Yet another script from Pickle Mods showing exceptional workmanship.

Kudos to you my brother.

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