Phase One Roleplay ⎸QBCore ⎸EGIRL Friendly ⎸Custom Cars ⎸Custom Jobs ⎸Active Staff ⎸Hiring EMS/PD ⎸

Our Discord: Phase One Roleplay

Our Instagram: phaseonerp

About Us: Phase One is a brand new FiveM server built on the QBCore Framework. We are looking to attract people who value Serious Roleplay. We require every citizen to show basic understanding of serious roleplay.


Short Term:

  • Fully staff VPD (Command positions available for those who are experienced in PD roleplay)
  • Fully Staff EMS (Command positions available for those who are experienced in EMS)
  • Player owned Businesses: Most are available for management (must be experienced)
  • Higher civilian population.
  • Additional Server Staff members

Long Term:

  • Expand PD (Blaine County Sheriffs Office).
  • Add Specialized PD Units (Detective Division, SWAT, Gang Unit, Narcotics, Intelligence)
  • Improved Street scene


  • PDM and Luxury PDM Dealership stocked with Custom Vehicles (No GTA Cars for purchase).
  • Custom Boat/Yacht dealership.
  • Custom Jail Breaking system.
  • Free Apartment with stash.
  • Custom Police MDT/Dispatch system.
  • Fully operational Police K9 Unit.
  • Criminal Jobs/Heists (Fleeca Heist, Store Robberies, Corner Selling, Harvestable Drugs, Processing Labs, Pacific Standard Heist.
  • Civilian Jobs. Truck Driver, Taxi Driver, Miner etc.
  • Player Owned Business: Vanilla Unicorn, Towing Company, Real Estate, etc.
  • Government and Department of Justice Honorary System
  • Plenty of more to come!

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best SEVER in Fivem

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Are you looking for a sheriff?

Yes we are! Join the discord and we can talk more about it.