Perfect if you're CIS, white, and hetero!

I’ve got 162.5 hours on this server and thousands on their other server. I’ve spent a long time with this community, even spent time as a lead admin. This review does not come from one incident and an emotional reaction. It’s actually been a couple weeks since the final straw, and I still feel that everyone should be warned.

The owner and mouthpiece for this server is loud and proud about his opinions on the LGBTQ+ community and how great it is to be white, even going so far as to change his Discord profile pic to “White and Proud”, and is backed up by many of the other owners, gms, and admins. This information pertains to this fivem server, as the owner decided to spy on me and my trans boyfriend to listen to our convos in-game (his right as the owner). But, he then felt the need to go tell other people that my boyfriend sounds like a 12 year old, confirming why my boyfriend was right to be nervous talking around these people. He then proceeded to tell ANOTHER group of people (after KNOWING that my bf is trans at this point) in another public chat, that I am a pedo and a groomer… still clinging to how “young” my boyfriend SOUNDS.

This has been ongoing for as long as I’ve been on their servers. I could ignore it when it was one person, but that one person has made more and more members of the community feel free to speak like this on a regular basis, and that is what prompted my leaving, and this review. The hate within this community is spreading, and it’s ugly.

When I posted this review once before, they had it taken down. I’ve been given the opportunity to put it back out here and I will continue fighting to be heard. Keep trying to silence me and I’ll keep coming back.


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