Pennsylvania State Roleplay | Realistic/Serious RP | Custom EUP/Cars/Scripts | Great Community

Pennsylvania State Roleplay, A serious RP server dedicated to providing a realistic/fun experience for all members. Whether you want to join a Police Department and help keep the streets of PA safe or you want to remain a civilian and grind the ranks to unlock more perks like vehicles/weapons PSRP is the place for you! Home to the Pennsylvania State Police, Delaware County Sheriffs Office, Philadelphia Police Department, and more. PSRP provides an RP experience like no other with loads of custom scripts/vehicle skins/EUP etc. made directly from the owners/developers that you will not find on any other Pennsylvania Server. PSRP strives to bring in more content creators and make more content creators encouraging/supporting members to fire up a stream or turn that recording on and promote for all of our community to see!
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10/10 recommend this server. Server has great staff and owners that keep it in shape and keeps it under control. Very reasonable and understanding server. Great mods and great RPs. Usually server is packed all day around. A lot of LEO and emergency services! Civs usually don’t mess around but if they do it’ll cause a kick or ban on there part. Highly recommend trying this server out!!!


Pennsylvania State Roleplay has one of the best community of roleplayers I’ve ever been a part of. I honestly recommend giving this sever a visit!


Pennsylvania State Roleplay is hands down the best server I’ve have played on. It has a great community with great staffs and members all around. I’d give it a try and the server is always growing in members and with new content. Hope to see you in the server.


10/10 Server is amazing have been around since I heard about it from the owners amazing staff team, Civs, LEO everyone in the server sticks up for each other no matter who you are or what position you are in the server. Once you become LEO if you apply and have been around for a while you become a family with the LEO no matter what department you applied for you all joke around with each other and even speak off of the server which a lot of other servers you barley do things like that. Hope you give the server a visit!


So happy and proud to be apart of this community since day 1. While any server could through a bunch of resources in an call themselves a server, PSRP has been able to build a strong and active community which is the biggest attraction for me and I believe also our new members. The community strives to be a unique as possible from everyone else through custom EUP, vehicles, AOP’s and interiors that are designed to be as realistic as possible to the IRL State of Pennsylvania. I would strongly recommend this community to anyone who wants a professional, realistic and enjoyable RP experience while being able to become an active, contributing member to the overall community. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store!!

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Best roleplay server I have ever been apart of. Amazing Owners, Friendly Staff, Badass Law Enforcement, and some really creative Civs. There is some amazing resources and tons of addon cars once you hit the right civ rank, Vstancer for all those guys who like a cambered drift car. Custom Civ EUP and tons more. Honestly just an amazing community all around if you’re looking for a server that isn’t whitelisted with a whitelisted roleplay atmosphere!