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Last night’s RP was a success! If you’re interested we now have a fire chief and are accepting applications for the Fire Department!

Happy Easter everyone! We are going to be off for today, but join the discord if you’re interesting and enjoy the rest of your day!

We are actively recruiting for the fire department now!

We are always looking for new ideas and server additions!

We are currently adding more custom EUP for our departments!

The server is coming along nicely! We are growing at a steady pace. Lets get some more people for RP!

No updates Today!

The server is coming off a great week this week! Lets get some more people for RP!

Lets get some people for some weekend RP!

Server was populated tonight! Had some great RP!

Our Fire EUP Is completely settup!

No updates today!

Lets get some more people in and get RP rolling in the next couple days!

We are always looking for new idea/cars/scripts for the server, this also includes LEO/ and FIRE!

Bumping, no updates today!

We are still actively looking for LEO and FIRE/EMS! Come apply and get started!

We are going to be adding some new additions in the next few days! Join our discord to be caught up!

Added new cars, come check em out!

No updates today.

Added new scripts for our civilians to use on the daily! Join the discord to check it out!