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Pennsylvania State Role-Play Is a new partial ESX and vMenu based FiveM server, we are aiming towards becoming whitelisted once we have a community made to make our transfer to whitelist easier for everyone.

PSRP Is really aiming towards realism, you may hear realism and think I’ve been on so many other servers where that’s BS but we actually care for the RP and intend to make sure everyone has a good time when they are on the server

What PSRP May Have To Offer You

  • Realism aspect of the server throughout as Civilian, Fire, and LEO.

  • Mediocre amount of custom buildings to maintain good and playable FPS.

  • An entire menu based for custom vehicles!

  • Jobs and drug running across the county!

  • Custom EUP for both LEO, Civilian, and Fire-Department!

  • Our staff members are active within the discord as well as the server itself and will assist you with anything via our ticket system.

  • We are actively about to start posting showcases for what is to come in our discord!

  • Our LEO applications are actively being reviewed, so feel free to apply!

  • Experienced LEO and Fire department Administrative command members.

  • The Staff and Owners are always looking for new ideas within the server so if you have an idea or event concept, don’t hesitate to suggest it!

Department Information

  • Pennsylvania State Role-Play currently only has one Law Enforcement Department which would be known as PSP (Pennsylvania State Police)

  • We currently have a PSFR department head and it is currently accepting applicants!

Server Information
If you are interested in joining and playing with the rest of us, come join our discord and lets get some great RP!

Request Sent


This post is still active and stands.

Hey :wave: I would love if you come over and help me find and configure EUP clothing, as well as setting up proper webhooks. I’m creating my very first menu based roleplaying server, and would greatly appreciate any help. Forum post about it is below. Thanks, hope we talk soon!

Yeah seems like it!

I need some help with some scripts, won’t let me add you as a friend on discord though :(.


If you’re still looking for a community to join, check out FreshStart Roleplay! We offer just about everything you can imagine when it comes to a FiveM Community. We are run by two, Long-Term Experienced FiveM Members with backgrounds in communities such as DoJRP.

Join our discord here and we can get you started: FreshStart Roleplay Fan Server

Hello, I am 1/3 of the management at Views RP. We are currently looking for developers who have experience in multiple frameworks, or other development experience. We currently have a website, a forum, a boosted discord, and some minor stuff for the server including EUP and vehicles. What we need is developers who aren’t lazy or kids. We are looking for 2-3 professionals and not just people who change configurations files claiming to be devs, I know it’s hard to find that within the FiveM community and I hope to get my message out here. Please contact me at Shoota6#8696 or join our discord at:

bumping post

The server is coming along and expecting to launch in about 1 week!

Our applications for the LEO departments are open and we still need a fire department chief!

Server launch is approaching lets get some people in and ready to RP!

We are still looking for a fire chief, If you are interested join our discord and message one of the staff!

We have added more custom civ cars to our menu!

Bump, No updates today!

Our server launch is on Friday! Join now and get situated in a department or ready to RP as a civilian!

We are still actively recruiting LEO and a department head for Fire Department.

1 day till launch! Lets get some more LEO and get ready for tomorrow!

The server launch will be today in the afternoon!