PeekerJ's Custom Vehicle Handling [V1]


PeekerJ’s Custom Vehicle Handling

Fully customizable Custom Vehicle Handling that is automatically applied to every vehicle in the server (Original, Addon Vehicles, Bikes…), very optimized and has a config where you are able to customize the handling of all vehicles at once.


  • Better Deformation
  • Motion Blur when in high speed
  • Vehicle leans more when turning
  • Softer Suspension
  • Completely Configurable (Everything can be changed)
  • Option to Disable the Custom Handling and keep Motion Blur
  • Changes/Impacts every vehicle (Original, Add-on…)
  • Custom First Person Vehicle FOV


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes

Mby some showcase, how it works…

Hello, I bought the script from you recently and it gives me the getsharedobject error. You would have to update the code since it is giving me an error on my server and I cannot fix it myself because it is obfuscated.

might scoop if it works as intended.

does this actually change handeling or float some values only.

How do mods effect it ect?


I bought it and I have to say that for the car issue it has been a good purchase. If you configure it well, the truth is good, buy it, the only one that could update the getsharedobject thing

I’ll get on it, thank you for letting me know.

Update 1.1

  • Fixed “GetSharedObject” from ESX since it’s Standalone

Replace only client.lua

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Hey i have this problem

Hmm i’ll check it this night and i’ll get back to you, thank you for reporting the issue.

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