[PED] Billy "The Fat Cop" Hill [Custom Ped] [Paid]

Are you ready to upgrade your game to another level ?! :fire:

Our premade custom peds are now up for grabs on Tebex.
Become the part of elite with these one-of-a-kind character models, easy to add to your game.

  • Base Ped : A_M_M_Hillbilly_01
  • 35+ Clothes Item [Jacket, Pants, Shoes, Mask, Hat, Glasses, Watch,Chain, and other]
  • 115+ Textures


:shopping_cart: WHERE TO PURCHASE?

PURCHASE ON TEBEX : https://sync-peds.tebex.io/
Available Standalone
Later will add Subscription too

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based Yes/No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements N/A
Support Yes
Escrow Yes

33.60 USD for the escrows version is crazy… 84.00 USD for the unlocked version lol wtf bro lol

paying 33.60 usd for one ped with a few clothing selections is nuts … but charging 85 usd for the unlocked version is insane … thing is it looks a good ped model too

lower your prices down man stop being greedy

kinda explains why you havent made any sales

I think it’s a good price when you look at the prices in the market right now. As far as I know, sync opened his site a week ago and is actively working on it - he sold custom orders, just need to follow up before such statements are made!

Price is based on how much time is invested in it go and check how much people are selling they peds for u will see that 30$ for a ped is mor than a fair price maybe i didnt sell anything on tebex but people are ordering custom peds on daily basis and paying more than 30$ that you think is crazy i will implement a subscription model so you can have all peds for 20$ on my next update so if you dont have 30$ for ped maybe 20$ will do for you for all my peds :wink:

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dont matter how long you spend working on something as a customer we dont care about that we care about saving money … to make a little living from this you need to stand out more … people will just see this as a asset and be more like “na $30+ for a ped”… im not hating on your work as i said your ped is good … just your pricing isnt … STAND OUT AND BE DIFFERENT :slight_smile: … selling your ped model at say $15 and getting 20, 30 more maybe 40 customers is better then selling it at $30+ and only getting 5 , 6 people buying it … i mean this is your page and your ped … you do you bro lol

it isnt $20 tho is it as it a monthly sub at $20 lol thats like $240 year i have to pay you to use your models lol

i will consider making ped packs with more peds for lower price for people that look to save money and have peds if that pleases you :smiley:

i mean you do you dude … im just giving you pointers to make more money

The point is that he gives an option for a custom designed Ped, for example he has already made some partnerships with some FIVEM RP server that are willing to pay the price he asks for. Someone might like the Peds that are on official shop or just join the discord server open a ticket and ask for custom ped.


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