Payment issue

Hello, every time I try to make a payment on tebex it’s declining. My card has more than the balance being charged, it is on and active. I have been using my same card for quite some time now. The patreon also wouldn’t connect to my account at first either but it finally did and still I can’t purchase anything?

Anyone knows what can cause this please?

If youre using a bank card “debit card” more than likely its going to just get declined.

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I have been using my cashapp card since starting. It also declines my paypal which has a cash balance, more than enough to pay as well

I totally understand you were using cashapp. I’m trying to inform you that many polices have been updates. CFX + Paypals.
Every-time I was to use my card it would get declined, so I just started using that credit.


  1. Use a credit card
  2. Contact your bank why the transaction isnt going through. (Probably will tell you its a 3rd party website)
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