Patreon removed money twice


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I have bought a Patreon key for 15€ but I had to update my Payment method after that so I had to pay twice the price

One on 30 Nov. -17.85 EUR

Second on -17.85 EUR


What are you trying to do?
I tried to get a Patreon Key and it worked but now I had to pay twice

What have you tried already to fix the issue?
I cant fix it by myself

What did you do to get this issue?
renewed my Payment method

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Yup this is normal. it tells you before buying that it will renew on the 1st.

They renew on the first of every month so even if you pay on the 30th the moment the 1st comes along it will charge again.

but it did not told me that it will renew on the 1st
so is it possible to get my money back
cause I dont have the money to pay twice

If you have been charged ‘twice’ within a month, or your Patreon perks expired around the start of a new month, do note that Patreon’s billing cycle is so that you pay on the first day of which you pledge, and then you pay the same amount on the first of every month, in Patreon’s time zone (Pacific Time).

This is a decision Patreon made to allow for predictable billing and chargeback cycles, and can’t change this themselves. It is also typically shown on the checkout page. Every month after the first month during which you sign up will last a full month, so it is recommended to not sign up for a new tier/subscription too far into the month. (the alternative is the first-month won’t bill at all and everyone can use stuff without paying by making dummy accounts w/ fake cards :confused:)

You can possibly try contacting at their support website and see if they can get you a refund.

thank you

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