Patreon activation - 36 hours and waiting


We purchased the Patreon on the 22nd and we are still waiting for it to be activated.

Yes the email address did not match on the patreon and forum when i first purchased - but this was corrected straight away.

Everywhere I have looked says to give it 6 hours. I have tried to ask on the Discord but I do not get a response.

Anyone help?

Maybe something to do with the email address mismatch when you first purchased.

I believe @TheIndra could help as he has responded to previous topics regarding Patreon.

Thanks @akeem hopefully someone gets back to me.

Can you attach a screenshot of please?

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Is this what you wanted @TheIndra ?

The Patreon plugin doesn’t support ‘secondary email addresses’, make the one you used on Patreon your primary one.

My primary one, is my patreon one.

Just to protect my email addresses - I have messaged you the screenshots.

Is there anything else it can be?

Im not going to lie, Im starting to lose all hope this is going to work.

I ordered a new washing machine the same day I paid my patreon. The washing machine got here an hour ago. And im still waiting to receive my digital product lol

I might be best re-ordering. How do i request a refund?

You received your Element Club perks on your other account the moment you bought them: Profile - SallManny - Community