Password on the Fivem server


Is someone can tell me how to add a password on my server please…

I want they come on discord to get it


You can’t.

You could whitelist you server though, there are several scripts on the releases boards for it.

Search; whitelist

ok i will do that

I would really like to have this script in place of my whitelist since its so hard to keep up with changing IPs and all… Any idea when we will be able to download this?

Why are you even using IP-s to whitelist? You can use the steam id aswell to whitelist people.

This for example.

Never? This would require a massive rewrite of the server code (if it’s even reasonably possible in the first place). Besides this being a lot of work, it’d also not be on the priority list of things to do for the developers right now.

The best to a “password protected server” would be an external app/site with a password, on it, allowing players to add their own identifiers to a database, then the server checks that database to see if the player’s identifiers are in there before allowing them to join.