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Parallel RP was developed and founded by a group of experienced roleplayers who are passionate about promoting serious roleplay and creating an immersive environment. Our team of high-end developers and dedicated staff is committed to providing a roleplaying experience that is not only well-rounded and immersive but also technically superior. After many hours, months, and countless cups of coffee, we have handcrafted a unique and unforgettable experience for all players who join Parallel RP.


A Community of Stories and Realism in Parallel RP

In Parallel RP, every character is a canvas, and every player is an artist. Our community thrives on the unique and diverse stories that each participant brings to life within the city. Encouraged to think creatively and act dynamically, players in Parallel RP craft their narratives with a richness that is only possible in our detailed and responsive world.

Craft Your Story, Shape Our World

With a commitment to depth and authenticity, we urge our players to design their characters with their own lore and backstory in mind. This isn’t just about playing a role; it’s about creating a living, breathing character whose story unfolds in real time, influenced by the community and the ever-evolving cityscape. Whether you’re a hero, a villain, or an everyday citizen, your story is important and can change the course of the city’s history.

Bring Your Narratives to Life

At Parallel RP, we don’t just provide a stage; we offer the tools to make your stories come alive. With over 1,000 custom-written NPC dialogues and an intricate lore that’s woven into the fabric of the city, the depth of interaction and narrative integration is unparalleled. Each dialogue and story piece is carefully crafted to ensure that players can engage deeply with the environment and its inhabitants.

A Haven for Content Creators

Are you a content creator tired of the same old scenes and lackluster interactions? Parallel RP is your new home. We’ve built a world rich with potential content, brimming with unique dialogues, captivating lore, and a community that truly drives the narrative. Here, every corner of the city holds a story waiting to be told, and every interaction has the potential to become a pivotal moment in your content.

Make your story come alive!

Whether you’re here to tell tales of intrigue and ambition, or simply to live out a peaceful existence, your stories matter. In Parallel RP, each player contributes to a larger narrative. This is where your creativity meets our technology, and together, we create a world teeming with possibilities.


LSPD: Join Our Team

We’re Hiring! Join Our Community of Stories

At Parallel RP, every story matters, including yours. As a member of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), you’ll play a key role in our community. Whether you’re keeping the streets safe or solving complex crimes, your actions will shape the city’s narrative. Join our police force and be a part of the action, making a real difference every day.

Ready to start your journey with the LSPD? We’re looking for new members now!
Apply in-city at Postal 629. Head over to the front desk and talk to the Officer!

EMS Opportunities: Ready to Save Lives?

Join our EMS team and be a hero in our community. As an EMS, you’ll provide essential care and save lives, impacting our city’s stories in profound ways. Every call you answer is a chance to make a lasting difference. If you’re looking for a role where your actions count, this is it.

Interested? Applications are taken in-game. Come to Postal 833 and talk to the paramedic at the front desk to begin.

Gangs: Build Your Empire

Create Your Own Organization or Start Your Crew

Are you ready to carve out your own corner of the city? In Parallel RP, you can establish your own gang or organization and become a force to be reckoned with. Build your crew from the ground up, establish territories, and engage in riveting rivalries with other players. Whether you’re looking to dominate the underground economy or protect your neighborhood, leading a gang offers endless opportunities to write your own rules and influence the city’s landscape.

Join the action and start your journey to your empire in the city!

Business Ownership: Forge Your Path to Success

Run Your Own Business and Thrive

Ever dreamed of running your own business? Parallel RP gives you the platform to become an entrepreneur and own a business within our vibrant city. From bustling cafes and bars to high-end car dealerships, the type of business you create is entirely up to you.

Unlock Your Potential: Seize the opportunity to impact the community and economy of Parallel RP. Your business decisions can lead to prosperity and influence in our world.

Start your entrepreneurial journey today and see where your ambition takes you!

Endless Opportunities: Find Your Place in Parallel City

Whatever Your Story, There’s a Place for You Here

Diverse Roles and Activities: Whether you want to be a city official, a tech entrepreneur, or a dedicated farmer, Parallel RP offers a variety of roles that contribute to a rich, interconnected community. Engage in unique activities that reflect your character’s interests and skills.

Community Events: Participate in regular community events that bring everyone together for fun, competition, and storytelling. These events are great for making new connections and enhancing your in-game experience.

Custom Jobs: With custom jobs tailored to enhance the roleplay environment, you can immerse yourself in a career that feels real and rewarding. Each job has its own set of challenges and rewards, making your gameplay experience unique.

In Parallel City, your potential is limitless. Explore, engage, and grow with us. Every story enriches our world, and every player is valued here.

Join us in Parallel RP, where your next big adventure awaits!



Jaylen Sanders grew up in the vibrant and diverse city. From a young age, he showed exceptional talent in basketball, spending countless hours honing his skills on the neighborhood courts. His natural athleticism and relentless work ethic quickly made him a standout player in local competitions.

However, Jaylen’s journey wasn’t without challenges. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, he faced adversity both on and off the court. Despite the temptations and distractions around him, Jaylen remained focused on his passion for basketball, using it as a means to stay grounded and focused on his goals.

As he progressed through high school, Jaylen’s reputation as a top shooter grew, attracting attention from college scouts across the country. With determination and perseverance, he earned a scholarship to a Division I university, where he continued to excel on the court while also thriving academically.

After a successful college career, Jaylen had his sights set on the NBA. However, an unexpected injury sidelined his dreams of playing professionally. Undeterred, Jaylen refused to let setbacks define him. He redirected his energy into coaching and mentoring young athletes in his community, using his own experiences to inspire and guide the next generation of players.

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Jaylen Sanders remains a symbol of resilience and determination in the basketball scene, inspiring others to pursue their dreams no matter the obstacles they may encounter.

Join Parallel Rp and start your own journey right now!

Embark on an unforgettable journey in PARALLEL Rp, where limitless adventures await. Join us and experience the magic of roleplay like never before!" Parallel RP


I’m really hoping this city gets a lot of attention, I think this Rp server has a lot of potential for a fun and thrilling RP City. Though it’s not yet as active with people I see it going a long way. The fact you can do a story mod in this city is unique in itself. I look forward to future improvements and the people that decide to stay.

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this server has hella pontential with a fire owner. Who actually cares about his community and players svgd is new upcoming devloper who has fire shit planned. get in now it got hella cool features and dope shit.

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This city is going to on top soon trust good city for serious RP. I look forward to the future gang fights and overall system. I want to be here before it pops off, so im able to see the growth within the city.

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Metro Collins better known as “Metro” in the underworld circles, was born into the gritty underbelly of a corrupt metropolis where crime and corruption ran rampant. Raised in the slums by a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, Metro learned the harsh realities of life from an early age. Despite his mother’s best efforts to shield him from the dangers of the streets, Aurora inevitably found himself drawn into the web of criminality that consumed his city.

As he grew older, Metro became disillusioned with the cycle of poverty and violence that surrounded him. Determined to escape the clutches of her environment, he sought refuge in the only place he believed offered a glimmer of hope—the promise of a new beginning in a thriving city far away.

With nothing but a bag of clothes and a fierce determination to leave his past behind, Metro embarked on a daring journey to the thriving city known for its opportunities and prosperity. Fleeing under the cover of darkness, he left behind the only life he had ever known, determined to carve out a new path for himself.

Arriving in the bustling metropolis, Metro was immediately struck by the stark contrast between his old life and the vibrant energy of his new surroundings. The city pulsated with life and possibility, offering him a chance to rewrite his story and leave his troubled past behind.

However, Metro quickly realized that even in a city as prosperous as this one, the underworld held sway over certain parts. Drawn to the familiar allure of power and camaraderie, he soon found himself gravitating towards a new gang that operated within the city’s shadows.

As a newcomer, Metro had to prove her worth to the gang. With his street smarts and quick wit, he earned the respect of his peers and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a valued member of the organization. Under the alias “Metro,” he embraced his new identity with a sense of purpose and determination, leaving behind the vulnerabilities of his past self.

Despite his newfound sense of belonging, Metro remains haunted by the ghosts of his past. he is determined to forge a new path for himself in this thriving city, but he knows that he can never truly escape the shadows of his former life. As he navigates the treacherous world of crime and intrigue, Metro must confront the demons of his past while striving to build a future he can be proud of. To Be Continued…


Simply born in the heart of Mexico was raised by el chapo to be a drug dealer.
His name was already known to many people and was feared to be a mad man that was money hungry.
He soon moved to the U.S Los Santos city to have a better life and to get more money.
He soon knew the entire city and how everything worked he met some people along the way and started a gang called ESV East Side Vagos and from there on was known as a corrupted man who only cared about money and would do anything to get it.
His brother named Ricky Teller would be with him along the way helping each other they would become powerful in there own ways.
They wanted to concur the whole world even if they had to eliminate any one that gets in their way they would get it done by their rules only whatever it takes.

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I can tell this is going to pop off and i want to be here before it do. Let’s make many memories yet to come and enjoy this ride together. It won’t disappoint when this city skyrockets.

This is a Brilliant city, with two passionate and dedicated owners who have worked hard day and night to make this city the most enjoyable roleplay city to immerse yourself in, There’s a lot more to this city than meets the eye, you just have to look for the right in the right places. join Parallel RP an inviting and friendly community awaits.

Parallel RP is a welcoming and engaging city with so much to explore and do, many roleplaying opportunities and friendly and fair owners running the server. I have been really enjoying being in the city so far and there is more exciting updates to come.

Max Mayhemz, was born and raised in the heart of the city’s most notorious neighborhood. From a young age, he was exposed to the harsh realities of life in the underworld, with poverty, violence, and crime becoming his everyday norm.

Growing up without a stable family structure, Max learned to rely on his street smarts and survival instincts to navigate the dangerous streets. He quickly gained a reputation for his fearless demeanor and quick temper, earning him the respect of fellow delinquents and the ire of law enforcement.

As a teenager, Max fell in with a local gang known for its ruthless tactics and criminal enterprises. Under the mentorship of the gang’s leader, he honed his skills in everything from street brawls to illicit dealings, quickly rising through the ranks to become one of the organization’s most feared enforcers.

Despite numerous run-ins with the law and rival gangs, Max has never been killed or captured, a testament to his cunning and combat prowess. His signature style, complete with tattoos, leather jackets, and a menacing glare, strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare to cross him.

But beneath his tough exterior lies a complex individual with his code of honor. Despite his criminal lifestyle, Max holds loyalty and respect in high regard, fiercely protecting his fellow gang members and exacting vengeance on those who betray him.

Over the years, Max has amassed wealth, power, and a loyal following, carving out his empire in the underworld with ruthless efficiency. Despite countless attempts on his life, he remains a force to be reckoned with, always staying one step ahead of his enemies and never backing down from a fight.

Now, as a feared and respected figure in the criminal underworld, Max continues to rule the streets with an iron fist, his legend growing with each passing day. With his unwavering determination and indomitable spirit, he’ll stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power and cement his legacy as one of the baddest gangsters the city has ever seen.

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i really like the sever it had alot of features and new things and i like how its not paid to win unlike other rp severs it makes the roleplay aspect so much better and i like how the mods and owners are very very active and how they listen to the commmunity it overall a really good rp sever i would suggest it for everyone