[PAID][YMAP][MLO] Square of Blackwater

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Purchase the MLO on Tebex : https://gamers-kim.tebex.io/package/5193835

| Code is accessible | Yes
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | MAP
| Requirements | None
| Support | Yes

Is it possible to explore the MLO on a test server?

sorry, but we don’t have a test server

Is this MLO with interiour?

no it’s just the exterior. No internal content

So we have purchased the MLO, however the prior construction pieces are still remaining.



MLO does not delete objects. You need a script to remove items. In your case it is enough to disable IPL. Download any available interior script. I use “Brits_interiors.rar”
Brits_interiors.rar (93.0 KB)

You can play around with the park settings, they are in the range of lines 586-594. Screenshots of my settings. Some elements are still visible. Try to set yourself up so that only empty land remains. When you reach the empty ground, you will probably have a bug with the background disappearing. To prevent the far background from disappearing (bug), do not forget to include (add) the line: RemoveImap(1258244391) and remove the line: RequestImap(1258244391)

report your results

Does the brits interior allow me to edit the imap and ymaps and how they fit in the rdr map? Thats what im gathering from this

Sorry, I didn’t understand the question. I just gave the example “British_interiors” as one of the solutions to the problem. All you need to do is to select any IPL in this field (for example, RequestImap(-5339556) --Bank Under Construction) and remove unnecessary elements using separate scripts. If you don’t like this option, try using “spooner” as a tool to remove objects or overlay other objects on unneeded objects.