[PAID] Wedding San Chianski Chapel

:cherry_blossom::bride_with_veil::person_in_tuxedo: New Release in GTA V: SAN CHIANSKI CHAPEL :person_in_tuxedo::bride_with_veil::cherry_blossom:

You’re invited to the launch of the new wedding scene map, “SAN CHIANSKI CHAPEL”! Situated on the picturesque coast of San Chiansky, this modern chapel is a dream for wedding roleplay enthusiasts in GTA V.

With a white wooden exterior and a classic wooden interior adorned with stunning purple and lilac flowers, SAN CHIANSKI CHAPEL offers the perfect setting for unforgettable virtual weddings. Every detail, from the original fixtures to the intricate decorations, has been carefully designed to create a charming and romantic atmosphere.

This map has been optimized to ensure a smooth experience, with three levels of detail (LOD) and custom lighting.

To get there, simply follow the dirt road that runs alongside the beach and follow the path adorned with flowers. Get ready to fall in love with SAN CHIANSKI CHAPEL!

External map.

:sparkles: You can buy it on my Tebex Store, just clicking here!

Youtube video: just click here!

Future Updates:

:star2: Exciting Additions Coming Soon! :star2:

We are thrilled to announce that both the “Wedding - San Chianski” and “Wedding - Mount Chiliad Chapel” maps will receive exciting updates in the near future! :tada:

What’s New:

Reception Areas: Beautifully designed reception areas where you and your guests can celebrate your special day in style.
Party Zones: Dedicated party zones with vibrant décor and ambient lighting, perfect for unforgettable wedding receptions and celebrations.
Stay tuned for these amazing updates and enhance your wedding roleplay experience even further! Your dream wedding venue in GTA V is about to get even better. :ring::sparkles:

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